National Adoption Day Preparations

The following blog post was written by Alicia King, LSW an adoption worker for the Adults Adopting Special Kids (AASK)  Program.  Our agency is gearing up for National Adoption Day tomorrow!


19, 11, & 3.  WAIT… WHAT?…. 19 kids finalizing into 11 families and we have 3 days left to get things organized and gifts bought…..AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

This is what has been going through my head the past three days:

What do we get for each child?

What do we get for the families?

Is there enough money to do what we want?

How are we really going to celebrate these families and kids on this important day?

Stop, breathe, take a step back Alicia. It’s not about the gifts they get that day, or the balloons and decorations, or the food. It’s about children becoming part of their family, belonging to their family and having THEIR spot in THEIR family. This is the day that families become legal mom, dad and child! It’s about the lifetime of memories that these families will make together, the support they will give each other and the LOVE that will be shared for the rest of their lives.

National Adoption Day is held the Saturday before Thanksgiving every year. The goal is to finalize adoptions in all 50 states for the 100,000 kids that are waiting for their family. It’s about encouraging people to adopt and building collaboration among adoption agencies, courts, advocacy organizations and families.

So, although we want to make this day as special for these 19 children and 11 families as we can, the families have already made this day one of the most special days in their lives that will be remembered and cherished FOREVER!