Dealing with Uncertainty

New Blog Post from Janelle Miedema, Director of Counseling

We’ve been working with a group of New American (refugee) kids at a school in the community and we were discussing “triggers”.  Emotional triggers are reminders of painful stuff from the past than can lead to upsetting memories and intense feelings such as fear or anger.  Youth who grew up in countries where civil war made their lives dangerous almost daily may have many triggers.  We talked to the group about the increase of national guard in the community due to the possible flood and how they may have on camouflage clothing and military looking vehicles.   We believed it was possible that any signs of military could be a strong emotional trigger for them. 

 Have you found that when you hear the news about the flood maybe you get a little knot in your stomach?  Do your neck muscles tense up?  Are you sleeping restlessly these past few weeks?  These may be your emotional “triggers” from having to deal with many years of possible and real flood fights.  We are very resilient in the Red River Valley and most of us cope and move forward fairly well.  However, if you find yourself feeling a little more edgy, slightly depressed, or having any other physical symptoms you may want to consider whether or not you are dealing with some emotional “triggers”.   It’s important to first recognize that this may be going on and then think about taking care of yourself.

Good self care includes:

  • Eating healthy and mindfully
  • Exercise (you don’t have to be a body builder – gentle walking, biking etc. can do wonders for the mood)
  • Prayer, meditation, relaxation
  • Massages
  • Call your friends and family and  tell them you care.
  • Think about all the things you have to be grateful for – this creates an attitude of joy and contentment.

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