Sometimes It’s When You Least Expect It!

When you loook back over our 90 years of service to North Dakotans, one program has been a cornerstone for all of these years.  The Pregancy, Parenting and Adoption Services at Catholic Charities North Dakota  have made parenthood a reality for thousand of couples through domestic and international adoptions.  Fun Fact:  Did you know that Catholic Charities North Dakota is the only Hague Accredited adoption agency in North Dakota for Intercountry Adoptions?

In addition they have  provided countless hours of support to those facing an unexpected pregnancy, no matter if their decision is to make an adoption plan or to parent their new child.  For more information go to

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The following story is just one of the many we get the joy in participating in each year..

When Bill and Karin met online, she was a kindergarten teacher and he was a Master Sergeant in the Air Force.  They started dating and were married a few months later.

After trying several infertility treatments, they pursued an identified adoption which ended in heartbreak for them when the birth mother changed her mind after they had the baby for eleven days.

Despite this setback, they wanted to try again and came to Pregnancy, Parenting and Adoption Services of Catholic Charities North Dakota to begin their journey.  For many couples, the wait for a match is fraught with worry and anxiety but Bill and Karin had an additional and unanticipated worry: a flood. Their community was threatened by rising flood waters, not once, but twice.  The second time, their home was destroyed and the couple began plans to rebuild.   While evacuating from their home, the couple joked, “Now, we’ll probably get the call about the baby.”  Two weeks later they received the call that they had been waiting for-they had been selected!

Bill and Karin kept in touch with Heather, the birth mother, frequently throughout her pregnancy and were nervous to meet her when they arrived for their daughter’s birth.  Everyone was surprised when the doctor said they had a little girl because previous ultrasounds had indicated that it was a boy.  While still in the hospital, they had professional pictures taken of the baby and gave a set to the birthmother to start their open relationship out on the right foot.   Since Ali’s birth, Bill and Karin have remained in touch with Heather and are planning future visits.  Looking back on the process, Karin reflects, “I think God was really clearing a path for us to have Ali.  We learned so much from the first adoption experience that we were really better prepared for Ali.”

In 2012, Pregnancy Parenting and Adoption Services worked with 58 birthparents, and placed 17 children into families.