A dream come true!


As Giving Hearts Day approaches, we are giving you a glimpse inside each of our programs and what impact we make on communities across North Dakota.   Consider donating to Catholic Charities North Dakota on Giving Hearts Day on February 14 by simply logging on to www.impactgiveback.org and selecting Donate!

The Guardianship Workers from Guardianship Services at Catholic Charities North Dakota go above and beyond for their clients who are adults with developmental disabilities  Often times the clients are unable to make their own decisions about their health, housing, finances or  other aspects of their lives.  We serve as court appointed guardians acting in their best interest.  Sometimes it’s not the legal decisions that make the biggest impact on our clients, but in this case, it was making a dream come true!

Carrie*, 29 years old, lived in a group home in Fargo for several years.  Carrie liked her home, the people she lived with, and the staff who cared for her but she dreamt of having her own apartment.  She wanted to decorate her way, have a pet perhaps, and have a place to call her own.


Carrie’s abilities in dealing with anxiety and depression made achieving this dream difficult.  Carrie’s team, along with her Guardian from Guardianship Services of Catholic Charities North Dakota, met for her annual meeting and Carrie’s Guardian asked the team to put things in place to help Carrie achieve her goals of living in her own place and of working in the community.


Carrie’s team wanted her to succeed, so they put the necessary steps in place to help Carrie reach her goals.  Tasks often taken for granted, such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting her funds, or using the city bus would be stressors that could hinder Carrie.  A Behavioral Specialist, along with her Psychiatrist, met with Carrie and prepared her for these outside stressors so that she would be successful in living on her own.


The Vocational Director met with Carrie and helped place her in the perfect community job, assisting the Activity Director in a local nursing home, which matched her needs and strengths so she could be successful.  In just over 6 months, Carrie had moved into her own apartment and was working hard at her new job.  All of this was made possible by Carrie’s determination and her Guardian and team’s ability to help her make her wishes come true.  Next stop for Carrie….the pet store for the pet she wants. 


Carrie is one of 427 wards served by Guardianship Workers of Catholic Charities North Dakota in 2012.

*Names in this story have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.