Over a Million Reasons to Smile!

On Monday,  Catholic Charities North Dakota was given a rare opportunity!  Executive Director, Larry Bernhardt and I, (Colleen Hardy, Director of Development and Community Relations) traveled to Minot for a press conference where we were able to anounce a large donation to the flood recovery efforts in the Minot area.  We announced the donation of $1,025,000 to the Minot area from Catholic Charities North Dakota.   The money will be distributed through collaborative flood recovery efforts already in place by community agencies and our faith partners. 

  • $750,000 to the Recovery Warehouse to stock shelves with the essentials of building such as lumber, sheetrock, screws, nails and much more!
  • $150,000 to the Souris River Basin Unmet Needs Committee  to address the needs of flooded families not met through other programs
  • $100,000 to Mennonite Disaster Services to bring homes to total completion
  • $25,000 to recognize Resource Agency Flood Team volunteer case managers and to cover administrative costs.

The money is a result of a grant from Catholic Charities USA as a result of their efforts to raise money for disasters that occur across the nation.   Catholic Charities USA is impressed with our ability in North Dakota to work together with the community and our faith partners including Lutheran Disaster Response,  Mennonite Disaster Services, United Methodists Committee on Response (UMCOR) and many others to provide necessary services without duplication.

Following the Press Conference, we were treated by the Methodists to a wonderful dinner to help to recognize and honor the volunteer case managers who have been working to fill the needs of those affected by the flooding.  It was great to meet them and to be able to thank them for everything they have done for others.

 After I got home that night, I went to bed wishing I could give away over a Million dollars each day… maybe I should consider being a game show host or sweepstakes check presenter!  On a serious note, it was an incredible feeling to know that we are helping somany people and making a big impact not only on them, but the whole Minot Community.  I am humbled by the work of the thousands of volunteers who have given their time and talents to help in the rebuilding committee.  Thank you also to all those who donated to make all this work possible!  To learn more about Catholic Charities North Dakota visit www.catholiccharitiesnd.org or call us at 1-800-450-4457 or chardy@catholiccharitiesnd.org.